We do our best to share what we know about Language Engineering. On our blog you can find hundreds of articles. We took all the feedback and questions we received, to create products to teach how to best work in a more organized way.

Our Founder

He has got his PhD in Language Engineering studying between Italy and Germany. In his role as a Software Architect he helps Clients and Partners to assess their situation and identify the best option to solve their problem. He is very passionate about Language Engineering and he contributes to the community by writing articles, participating in Program Committees of different conferences, giving presentations and interviewing other actors in this field.

Our Strengths
  • We know our stuff: we speak regularly at conferences in Europe and USA
  • We discuss with other experts: we wrote tens of articles read by hundreds of thousands of professionals
  • We understand research, indeed we have coauthored tens of scientific papers
  • We are specialized: we work on things we know well because in this way we can offer solid results